Create your own unique cutout design for your next gathering with friends and family. Your custom fire pit will be entirely made in the United States. 

Custom Badlands 29.5 in. Square Fire Pit
Custom Badlands 29.5 in. Square Fire Pit
Custom Badlands 29.5 in. Square Fire Pit
Custom Badlands 29.5 in. Square Fire Pit
Custom Badlands 29.5 in. Square Fire Pit

Custom Badlands 29.5 in. Square Fire Pit


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WARNING: By uploading images, you certify that you own the copyright to all imagery used. We reserve the right to cancel any order that contains unauthorized copyrighted material or offensive content.

Step 1: Click the CUSTOMIZE IT button above to upload and preview your design. Preview images are only approximate. Our team will review your file and send you a final image for approval.  

Optional: You can add text using one of our approved fonts. If you want to add a custom font, you can also add it directly to the file you upload.

Step 2: Enter the quantity of pits that you want to purchase, being sure to note whether you want your custom design on 2 panels or 4 panels. If you have any notes for our designers, you can also enter them in the notes field. 

Step 3: Add your custom design to your cart and complete your purchase.

Step 4: Our production team will review your design within 48 hours. Some changes may be required based on certain laser-cutting limitations. We will always send a final image for your approval before production.

Step 5: Once we receive your approval, your custom design will enter production. Your product will be ready in approximately 8 weeks!

NOTE: We reserve the right to use images of your custom Badlands fire pit in our marketing materials.


        The use of seasoned hardwood is recommended. Avoid using softwoods such as pine or cedar, because they are likely to throw sparks. Do not use dangerous flammable liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, diesel fuel or kerosene to light or relight fires. We recommend using a fire starter to get the initial burn going.


        This fire pit will have a dusty patina that looks like rusted metal. This is an accelerated process. For this reason, we recommend that you wear old or work clothes, an apron or protective clothing when unpacking the fire pit. Wipe each piece with a dry cloth prior to assembly. The residue material is not harmful but we recommend washing your hands after assembly.


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        Box includes:
        Four fire pit panels
        Ash catch tray
        16 Bolts and nuts

        Overall assembled size:
        29.5" Sq. x 26" H (74.9 cm Sq. x 66 cm H)

        Interior chamber size: 
        Top is 25" Sq. (
        63.5 cm Sq.)
        Bottom is 15.5" Sq. (39.37 cm Sq.)
        17.5" H (44.45 cm H)

        Net Weight: 52.5 lb (23.8 kg) 

        NOTE: As these fire pits are handcrafted, the patina will vary, but will even out over time.

        WARNING: Outdoor use only. Do not use this unit on or near combustible surfaces or structures such as wood decks, dry leaves, or vinyl or wood siding. See the owner’s manual for important safety information.  

        • Proudly made in the United States
        • Fast and simple to assemble with only four panels, an ash catch tray and all hardware included
        • Sturdy and durable steel construction with a rustic patina finish that gives a unique character to your backyard fire pit 
        • Includes a mesh backing to help prevent sparks from escaping, creating a safe environment
        • Your design can be applied on 2 panels (front and back) or on all 4 panels – there is an upcharge of $50 for 4 panels
        Helpful Tips
        • Do not leave solid areas completely surrounded by white/cutout areas.
        • If using a custom font, use stencil lettering for letters that have entirely enclosed counters (such as A, B, O, P, Q, and R). You may also enter text in the text area to use one of our approved fonts.
        • Keep in mind that there will be a mesh backing behind the cutouts. Make sure your cutouts are large enough that the glow of the fire will  show through them. We recommend making all lines at least 3 mm thick.
        • To ensure structural stability, make sure that there is sufficient steel between the cutouts. We recommend at least 3–4 mm.

        Proudly Made in the USA

        Make memories, slow down and relax by your fire pit

        Custom cutout design creates ambiance for your next gathering with friends and family

        Fast and simple to assemble

        Four panels, an ash catch tray and all fastening hardware included

        Mesh backing creates safer environment

        Prevents sparks from escaping

        Rustic patina finish

        Gives a unique character to your backyard

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