The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit
The Peak Patio Fire Pit

The Peak Patio Fire Pit


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Infused air flow offers a better burn and a virtually smoke free experience

  • Black powder-coated paint is rated for exposure to high temperatures
  • High-efficiency design burns firewood or wood pellets with little smoke, sparks or ash
  • Generates significant heat for a great backyard bonfire
  • This fire pit has a strong and sturdy design
  • Quick to assemble and store

Warranty: Three year limited

Download the owner's manual


The portable fire pit is designed for use with wood pellets or smaller pieces of wood. The patio fire pits can burn firewood.


Wood pellets are offered at a variety of retailers: Tractor Supply, Menards, Walmart, Lowe’s, etc. Check with your local retailer to find out if they sell wood pellets. A 40 lb bag lasts roughly 6–8 hours.


It will take about 10–15 minutes for the fire pit to get hot enough for flames to get a strong blaze. The initial load will burn about 25–35 minutes before you need to add pellets.


All high-efficiency fire pits should be inspected and cleaned regularly after each use. To clean stainless steel units, wipe in the direction of the grain using a microfiber cloth. Use dishsoap or a cleaner specifically formulated for use on stainless steel.


Box includes:
Burn chamber
Ash catch tray

Overall assembled size: 
23.9" Dia x 16" H (60.8 cm Dia x 40.6 cm H)

Burn chamber size: 
18.75" W x 12" D (47.625 cm W x 30.48 cm D) 

Net weight: 46.3 lb (21 kg)

WARNING: Outdoor use only. Do not use this unit on or near combustible surfaces or structures such as wood decks, dry leaves, or vinyl or wood siding. Use only on hard, level surfaces. Do not use on asphalt, or directly on a wooden or composite wood deck. May cause discoloration to a concrete surface. See the owner’s manual for important safety information.

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John H.
United States United States
Great fire pit My family and loves it.

We went looking for a smokeless fire pit because our next door neighbors kept complaining about the smoke from our old fire pit , we have frequent family get together's and the grand kids love a fire. so we wanted a good heavy fire pit that was smokeless , easy to clean burned nicely and looked good. Well the Peak Patio fire pit gave us all of that . we Love it The neighbors love it (no smoke) I love it because the next morning the wood had burned so well and efficiently that after a long evening of wood burning all that was left in the bottom of the pit as a small amount of white ash . it was east to simply put a large garbage bag over the pit and tip the whole thing over , thus causing the ash to dump nicely into the bag for easy clean out. - We are loving the black metal pit it looks new after 10 fires , - Thanks Blue Sky for making a great product - John Hofman Pocatello Idaho

United States United States
Low smoke

Fantastic fire pit so far. Have to my husband as a Father’s Day gift. Burns well and very minimal smoke! We love it

United States United States
Love my Patio Pit!

This pit is a great size for our patio. Its sleak trendy design fit in perfectly to our patio decor. The smoke free feature is a huge benefit because who doesn’t hate getting smoke in their eyes. I would highly recommend this product.

United States United States
Great Product

Great product, excited for fall and winter! Delivery was only hold up from a 5 as it was 2 months from order to delivery.

Jorge S.
United States United States
Love it

Just need to know what's the best long lasting wood to use.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living

Hi Jorge, we recommend using wood pellets for your patio fire pit. However, they do burn faster than wood and you will need to continuously add more. You can also use regular fire wood in your patio fire pit. We recommend using a dry wood and keeping the pieces of wood no larger than the burn barrel of your pit. What we have found to work best is using a combination of the two, pellets and fire wood.

Virtually smoke free experience

The infused air flow design on our patio fire pits generate significant heat for a great backyard bonfire 

Easy to assemble

Sturdy design

Tray collects ash for easy cleanup

How it works

  1. Outside air is pulled into the bottom ring of holes on the burn chamber and moves through the hollow wall up to the inside ring of holes.

  2. The heated air is released through the inner ring of holes into the top of the burn chamber, infusing the fire with an extra boost of oxygen which improves the burn.

  3. The improved burn vaporizes wood particles, creating little to no smoke or embers.

Sports Licensed Patio Fire Pits

Show your team spirt with a NCAA, NFL or NHL officially licensed patio fire pit

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