A Spotlight on the Rectangle Peak

Our Rectangle Peak is among our largest (and newest) smokeless fire pits to join our smokeless collection. It’s the perfect fire pit if you host large outdoor gatherings during the warmer and cooler days of the seasons, or if you have a larger patio and need a centerpiece. 

Let’s take a look at the features, as well as best practices for getting the fire roaring in your Rectangle Peak. 

Rectangle Peak features

  • EXTRA WIDE: A conversation-sized fire pit that is perfect for backyard gatherings.
  • DUAL FUEL: You are able to use standard firewood and/or wood pellets to generate significant heat. 
  • EFFICIENCY: The newly engineered, patent-pending design allows you to load more wood and draws heat closer to the outside walls for a better, longer burn. 
  • BEZEL: An extended bezel on the top of the fire pit helps to direct air flow into the chamber, which promotes a better smokeless burn. 
  • CONVENIENCE: The dual lift-out ash catches and grates, with handles, can be fully removed and make for easy clean up when the fire has gone out.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty, steel double-wall design with integrated structure improves airflow and joins legs, burn chamber and bezel for strength and durability.
  • ASSEMBLY: The tongue and groove design make it easy to secure the sides together. Assemble your fire pit in ten minutes or less!
  • FINISH: The fire pit has a high-temperature powder coated finish.

How to stack your firewood

Unsure of how to stack the firewood and use the pellets to get the fire started? Check out our video with tips on stacking your firewood, as well as using pellets and firestarters to get your fire started and going throughout the night.

Watch as we create the perfect stacking method in preparation of the fire: 


Perfect for

Do you need an occasion to light up your Rectangle Peak? Not really! 

The Rectangle is great to use for any occasion, especially for larger ones. Use it during the spring, summer, fall and, if you’re brave enough or live in temperate climates, the winter. However, our Rectangle is best used on a patio, due to its robust size.

Our Rectangle Peak is the newest in our smokeless collection. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for your very own today and get that fire started for days and years to come!

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