Blue Sky Outdoor Living Burning FAQs Part II

From first-time owners to seasoned pros, you may come across questions while using your Blue Sky Outdoor Living smokeless fire pit. We’re here to help you create a seamless and fun fire pit experience. The steps are simple, and once you become a pro, you’re ready to go. 

Read our top burning questions to ensure your next gathering by the fire is a success!

How to keep your flame burning after the initial burn?

When you start to see the fire fizzle out, it’s time to take action. You want more time outside by the fire.

Throughout the night, continue to add pellets or logs to add time to your night outdoors. Make sure you’re using well-seasoned firewood to provide the most efficient burn. Before long, you’ll have the fire burning again.

How do I get my fire pit to burn smokeless?

The point of a smokeless fire pit is for it to be smokeless. What happens when you’re not getting the desired results? 

You should only cover the bottom of the fire pit with 2” of wood pellets to begin, and they must be spread evenly through the fire pit. Make sure the pellets are against the walls of the burn chamber for desired effect.

Pellets should be added slowly and in small quantities.When you’re scooping the pellets, we recommend using a long-handled scoop.

The adding of fire wood with pellets may produce some smoke until the logs are heated to a high enough temperature and begin burning. Did you know, our fire pits are dual fueled?

Will my fire pit be hot when in use?

We recommend keeping pets and little ones away from the fire pit when in use.

Our fire pits will be hot when in use, as the burns can reach 1,400°F (760°C). Suffice to say, the outside will be hot, too. Do not touch the fire pit until the fire is completely out and has cooled down to prevent burns and injury. The same precautions should be used as you would with any open flames. 

How do I put out the fire?

Put away that hose!

When you decide to wrap up your night, simply stop adding pellets or firewood to your pit. Sit back and relax while the fire dies down. Dowsing your fire with water will cause damage to your pit.

A positive to using pellets is once the fire has gone out, it is out. You can go into the house with the peace of mind that hot embers won’t be present overnight or into the next morning.

How long will the pellets burn?

You have a bag of pellets ready to pour into your fire pit, but you’re unsure of how long they will burn. 

Typically, it takes about 10-15 minutes for the fire to get hot enough for flames. Once the flame is blazing, your pellets should last you 25-35 minutes before you’ll have to add more to the fire. This varies based on size of your fire pit and the amount you add. You should not add more that 2” of pellets to any fire pit at once.

Can I use firewood?

Yes! In addition to pellets, our smokeless fire pits are compatible with wood — they are dual fuel. 

However, be sure to use well-seasoned firewood with your pit. This will help produce a more slow and efficient burn and eliminate the smoke from your fire. We recommend staying away from soft wood,as well as painted or treated firewood to avoid danger.

Now you’ll feel confident using your Blue Sky smokeless fire pit. Get those marshmallows and roasting sticks out, and start up your fire. If you’re looking for a smokeless fire pit, shop here.

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