Explore the Outdoors with a Portable Fire Pit: Your Ultimate Summer Companion

Summer is almost here! It's time to embark on exciting adventures and discover new destinations! Don't forget to pack your very own Blue Sky Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and make the most of cool evenings by igniting a cozy fire.

Available in two sizes, The Ridge and The Pike, our portables are a great addition to any adventure. Enjoy a fire at a campsite while you roast marshmallows, telling campfire stories (or ghost stories, if you’re looking for a fright). Lay out a beach towel, as you listen to the crashing of the waves and the crackling of the fire. Set up the tent in your backyard and bring out the hotdogs and snacks while hanging out around the fire. Wherever you venture to, you’ll feel the heat of a Blue Sky smokeless fire pit throughout the night.


Not sure which size is perfect for you? Dive into the features of The Ridge and The Pike below.

The Pike - Your Compact Adventure Companion

The Pike, our smallest smokeless fire pit, is the ideal companion for your summer escapades. Packed with convenient features, The Pike ensures you can enjoy a fire at the end of a long day exploring.

Discover the features of The Pike:

  • Easy assembly and usage
  • Nesting capability for effortless storage
  • Fits into a compact carrying bag, making transportation a breeze
  • Overall assembled size: 10" Dia x 9.5" H (25.4 cm Dia x 24.13 cm H)
  • Nested size: 10" W x 5.35" D (25.4 cm W x 13.59 cm H)
  • Net weight: 5.95 lb (2.70 kg)

If you're seeking a fire pit that won't occupy much space in your vehicle or RV, The Pike is the perfect choice.

The Ridge - Your Adventure-Ready Fire Pit

Another portable fire pit, The Ridge, guarantees an unforgettable adventure. This fire pit is designed to accompany you wherever you go without consuming too much space.

Explore the features of The Ridge:

  • Simple assembly and usage
  • Nesting capability for convenient storage
  • Fits into a practical carrying bag, ensuring hassle-free transportation
  • Overall assembled size: 15.76" Dia x 12.5" H (40 cm Dia x 31.7 cm H)
  • Burn chamber size: 11.6" W x 6.25" D (29.5 cm W x 15.875 cm D)
  • Net weight: 14.8 lb (6.7 kg)

The Ridge is an excellent option if you desire a portable fire pit that can be easily transported and is larger size than The Pike. Additionally, The Ridge offers the option to purchase it with a spark screen and screen lift.

Embark on a summer full of exciting adventures with Blue Sky Outdoor Living! Both The Pike and The Ridge come with convenient carrying bags, ensuring a hassle-free experience when transporting them to your desired destination. The carrying bag can also double as a protective cover, shielding the fire pit from the elements once the fire has been extinguished and cooled.

Discover our complete range of portable options, including NFL, NHL and Army branded fire pits, perfect for your upcoming outdoor excursions. The Pike and The Ridge are also available in convenient bundles, allowing you to keep one for yourself and gift the other.

Please remember to consult the ordinances of your county, municipality, state or campground to understand any regulations on open burning and current burn bans in effect.

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