Spring Cleaning is in the Air

Spring is here, and you know what that means: it’s time for some spring cleaning! While you’re getting your outdoor space ready for the warmer days ahead, don’t forget about your Blue Sky fire pit that’s been covered in the garage all winter.

Your fire pit may be in need of a little TLC. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place to learn the steps you need to take to make sure your fire pit is looking its best. Put on your rubber gloves, grab sandpaper and let’s get started.

Give your fire pit a new fire pit shine

This is where the rubber gloves and sandpaper come into play. Now that you have them, it’s time to give your fire pit a cleaning makeover. First thing’s first, grab some sandpaper and start sanding the rim to ensure the rigidness of the fire pit is no more.

Next, use a wire brush on the inside of the fire pit’s burn chamber and on the top. As soon as you’re done with that, take a wet cloth to wipe up any excess particles and wash the rest of the fire pit down. Make sure you allow time for it to air dry.

Get your fire pit looking brand new with high-temperature resistant paint. Spray it evenly on the surface of the fire pit and allow it to dry. When it’s dry, reapply a second coat. Wow — it looks almost brand new!

Ashes no more

After every use, you should be cleaning your fire pit. This includes removal of ashes at the bottom of the fire pit. Our updated design of our smokeless fire pits makes ash removal simple and painless.

Before you remove the ashes, however, make sure the fire pit is cool to the touch. When the fire pit is no longer hot, simply remove the ash catch from the bottom of the fire pit and empty the ashes into a trash can. Viola! Your fire pit is good to go for the next use.

Transform your backyard into a smokeless retreat


Do you have an existing brick structure with an existing fire ring insert that’s rusted and gives off a lot of smoke? Our Phoenix smokeless fire pit inserts are a smokeless solution for your space. 

Your friends will be in awe of the smokeless experience that The Phoenix provides! Whether you have a round or square brick structure, our inserts come in both shapes and are ready for nights out by the fire. With quick assembly, you’ll be able to place it into your existing brick structure and get a fire started that same day. Don’t wait — introduce a smokeless retreat to your backyard this spring.

Keep protected and covered 

Once the fire has cooled and it’s time to go in for the night, make sure you move or cover your fire pit. Whether you store it in your garage/shed or put a protective cover over it, it’s important that you keep it protected from the outside elements. Any exposure to weather, heavy use and UV rays may cause a rusted patina on your pit — nobody wants that!

Explore which protective covers will fit your smokeless fire pit. Bonus: the Ridge comes with a carry bag that can double as a cover, so you can keep it protected during your adventures.

Your fire pit looks ready to use for the warmer nights ahead! Want to add a smokeless fire pit to your backyard, check out our complete collection of smokeless products.

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