Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Fire Pit in Tip-Top Shape

Spring is the air, and you may be in the midst of your spring cleaning! This doesn’t just apply to the inside of your house but extends to the outside, especially your Blue Sky fire pit. You want your fire pit to look its best for many seasons to come.

Thankfully, we have 3 Spring Cleaning Tips and tricks that will keep your fire pit in tip-top shape!

1) Remove all ashes or wood/pellets

Now that Spring has made an appearance, you’ll be spending more time around your fire pit. After all, it’s the best way to beat off that Spring chill at night! However, with an increase in use of your fire pit, it’s important to maintain its appearance.

Once the fire has gone out and the pit has cooled, your important to-do is to inspect and clean it. Removing the ashes or leftover wood is your first task. If your fire pit has a removable ash catch, push any ash or leftover pieces of wood or pellets to the center of the grate. With the two handles, lift the ash catch and place it on the ground. Next, remove the grate to let spare ashes or wood fall into the ash catch. The now cooled off ashes and particles can be disposed of in a waste container.

For the fire pits without a removable ash catch, such as the portable options and The Mammoth, dispose of the cooled ashes and leftover wood into a waste container. 

Our fire pits can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth by wiping in the direction of the grain. Dish soap or cleaner formulated for use on stainless steel should only be used.

And viola! Your fire pit is looking nice and clean.

2) Refresh your fire pit

Springtime brings warmer weather and with that, means more sunlight.

Due to the increase in sunlight, we recommend your fire pit remain covered when cooled and not in use. Protecting your fire pit from inclement weather, heavy use or UV rays extends the sleek black coating and prolongs patina. Another best practice tip is storing your fire pit in a dry, indoor space when not in use.

Constructed of steel and painted with high-temperature heat resistant paint, this makes your fire pit susceptible to rust when exposed to outdoor conditions and fire. Reaching up to 1,200℉, there is no commercially available paint that can meet this extreme. Over time and use, you may start to notice signs of rust — this will not affect how your fire pit performs.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem! The paint can be touched up using high-temperature paint — commonly used on BBQ grills and other high heat appliances. You can find it at most hardware stores.

3) Purchase a protective cover

Great news: all of our smokeless fire pits come with new AND improved protective covers. Whether you own the Square Mammoth, Improved Peak or other smokeless pit, we have you covered! Literally.

Our protective covers are water resistant and have UV inhibitors to protect from the Sun. Other features include, vents on the side that allows air circulation to reduce condensation; an angled top structure that keeps water from collecting atop it; internal top structure that can be disassembled and stored in the internal pocket; and each cover includes hardware for the assembly.

Find your protective cover for your fire pit here.

*The Ridge and Pike’s carrying cases are sold with the products and can be used as a cover when cooled and kept stationary.*

There’s no need to fret about your Blue Sky smokeless fire pit succumbing to the elements! Take the necessary measures to ensure that it stays in great shape and look its best with our 3 Spring Cleaning Tips.

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