Touch down into football season with Blue Sky

Fall is upon us, which means football season is, too! A Sunday is meant for watching your favorite football with family and friends while snacking on tasty game day food.

Our new and improved, officially licensed NFL smokeless patio fire pits are now available and ready for football season. Our NFL patio fire pits are perfect for game day (or all year, for football aficionados).

Improved Smokeless Fire Pit Features

Check out all the features, both new and existing, of the Improved NFL Fire Pits:

  • Design: Each NFL pit features a laser cut logo into the fire pit with the featured color behind it. 
  • Convenience: Introducing the new lift-out ash catch and grate insert with handles. It’s fully removable and makes for easy clean up. 
  • Bezel: The new 93% extended bezel on top of the fire pit helps direct air flow, creating a better smokeless burn.
  • Efficiency: Also new is the raised burn chamber that provides a more efficient secondary burn without limiting fuel capacity.
  • Construction: This heavy duty, steel double-wall design creates a secondary burn that reduces smoke and embers. 
  • Dual Fuel: Choose between burning firewood and/or wood pellets to generate a significant amount of heat. 

Throw a homegating party with friends and family

It’s time to get the party started! Make it feel like you’re at a game by bringing the entertainment outside. With fall in the air, you can (hopefully) say goodbye to the hot days of summer and enjoy more time outside. Set up an outdoor TV, get some snacks ready and cheer on your favorite team.  

Whether it’s just you or friends and family, our Blue Sky NFL patio fire pits make a great addition to game day. Watch as your team kicks a field goal while listening to the crackling of your fire pit. It’s the ultimate fall day!

Our Improved model is the perfect addition to a patio and allows for  2+ people to sit around. 

Also available in portable options

We also have NFL teams available in our portable fire pit model! This is great for you if you like to homegate — it even comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to take with you. It’s the perfect accessory. 

Also, if you’re on the lookout for holiday gifts, birthdays or if you lost a bet, our NFL portable smokeless fire pits make for great gifts for the sports fan in your life. 

The officially licensed NFL fire pits are ready for game day! Score your favorite team in our patio pits here and get ready for an exciting football season ahead. 

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