4 Easy Steps to Start Your Smokeless Fire

Welcome to the world of smokeless fire pits. At Blue Sky Outdoor Living, we believe in products that extend your time outdoors to connect with those you love and create memories. Our designers crafted an efficient smokeless fire pit to enhance your time spent outdoors without the smoke. So no more worrying about smelling like smoke or chasing the smoke; simply relax and enjoy your Blue Sky smokeless fire pit. Watch how to start a Smokeless fire in 4 easy steps!

How do you create the best smokeless fire in a Blue Sky fire pit?

To guarantee your fire pit burns with as little smoke as possible, we recommend using a dual fuel combo of both hardwood pellets and standard-length firewood. However, you can use just wood pellets or firewood alone in our smokeless fire pits. The example below is how to start a smokeless fire in 4 easy steps with dual fuel

Step 1 - Start Stacking

When using the pellets & firewood combo, place up to 2 inches of hardwood pellets at the bottom of the fire pit. Spread them towards the edges of the firepit and not piled up in the center for optimal heat. Next, place dry hardwood on top of the pellets and as close to the edges as possible, maintaining a stacking structure. Your stacking structure will be determined by your fire pit’s burn chamber shape and should remain below the top row of the air holes inside your fire pit. 

We recommend stacking your wood in a way that best fits your fire pit size and shape to start a great smokeless fire. Stacking structure examples include: teepee, lean-to, or log cabin shape, to name a few.

Step 2 - Use Kindling or a Fire Starter

Place dry kindling or a natural fire starter in the center of your structure and around the edges. To prevent damage to your fire pit and keep the fire safely contained, never use lighter fluid or an accelerant.

 Step 3 - Light it Up

Light the kindling or fire starter you placed in the pit and allow the wood to catch for several minutes. There may be some smoke while the fire begins to spread. As the fuel catches fire and the walls of the fire pit heat up, a secondary burn will create a smokeless fire for you and your guest to enjoy. How do you know a secondary burn is there?  You will see the rolling fire out of the top air holes of your smokeless fire pit. 

Get your fire started about 15-20 minutes before your guests arrive so that any smoke will dissipate by the time you sit down to enjoy the fire. 

Step 4 - Feed the Fire

Your fire is now roaring and you are enjoying the ambiance with friends and family. You want to continue feeding the fire with wood or small amounts of pellets as the night goes on to maintain the secondary burn. The hotter the embers, the less fuel you will need to maintain the smokeless fire. 

At the end of the night let your fire die out naturally, separating the hot ember or any large pieces to dissipate the source of fuel.  Once your firepit has cooled, pack away your portable firepit or cover your patio firepit. This is the suggested method to protect the integrity of your Blue Sky Fire Pit.  Visit our website for more helpful FAQs.