Blue Sky Outdoor Living Burning FAQs

You just bought a Blue Sky Outdoor Living smokeless fire pit. You’re eager to get started and host future outdoor get togethers, but you may have some questions before you do so. No need to worry! Blue Sky is here with answers to your top five burning FAQs.

Whether you’re a first-time Blue Sky smokeless fire pit owner or you need a refresher, we can provide the answers you seek.

Where can I use my smokeless fire pit?

Your smokeless fire pit can be used on hard, level surfaces, such as flat concrete pavers, concrete patio stones or a gravel or sanded area.

We do not recommend using your fire pit on asphalt or directly on a wooden or composite wood deck. When using your fire pit on a concrete patio, concrete driveway or brick work, we encourage you to place the fire pit on flat concrete pavers or concrete patio stones to avoid discoloration of a permanent structure.

Helpful tip: Safety first! Before starting your fire, remove all plastic cloth, grass/weeds and other flammable items that could come in contact with your fire pit.

Can I use charcoal, leaves or alcohol to light the fire?

The short answer: no. 

You should only use firewood or wood pellets with our smokeless fire pits. Alternatives to firewood and wood pellets, such as charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal, driftwood and etc. should not be used. Additionally, you should never start the fire with dangerous flammable liquids, including alcohol, gasoline, diesel fuel or kerosene.

Helpful tip: Use a fire starter to get the fire going.

How many pellets should I add to the pit?

If you’ve never used wood pellets to fuel your fire, you may not know the recommended amount to add to your pit. We recommend filling your fire pit 2 inches (5 cm) deep with wood pellets. 

Helpful tip: Wood pellets can be found at a variety of retailers. Check online for availability.

Do smokeless fire pits really produce no smoke?

After enjoying your fire, you no longer need to worry about the lingering smell of smoke on your clothes.

Our high efficiency fire pits create a secondary burn that infuses the fire with an extra boost of oxygen and improves the burn; thus, vaporizing wood particles and minimizing smoke.

Once you’ve started your fire, a little smoke will appear before the secondary burn begins. Don’t be alarmed — this is normal. As long as you’re using the recommended materials for your fire, which include wood pellets, firewood or a combination of both, it will result in a smokeless fire experience.

Helpful tip: Use firewood that has a low moisture content. Well-seasoned hardwood is the best option for eliminating smoke! Hardwoods burn more slowly and efficiently. Avoid softwoods like pine, as it will cause a smokey burn. Additionally, painted or treated wood is hazardous to use in the fire pits. To start, we recommend using 2-3 inches of pellets — pellets and firewood together make for a great combination. 

Can I keep my fire pit permanently outside?

Your fire pit should remain covered outside while not in use. A patina may develop over time from exposure to weather, heavy use and UV rays.

Helpful tip: Fire pits should be stored in dry locations: a shed, garage or other indoor area. You can also purchase a protective cover to keep your fire pit looking its best.

There you have it — you’ve learned a lot about your smokeless fire pit and are ready to get the fire started. Enjoy! For more questions about your smokeless fire pit, head to our FAQ page

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