Choosing the Right Portable Fire Pit

After soaking up the last bits of summer with an adventurous day on your favorite hiking trail or a weekend at the lake, there is no better way to end these final summer nights than unwinding around a fire. Whether you are heading out for a long weekend or just for the day, bringing along a portable fire pit will extend your time outdoors to enjoy those blissful end-of-summer evenings. 

Our smokeless fire pit collection now offers two portable fire pits that were expertly designed for on-the-go use. The Pike and the Ridge are both lightweight and compact options to ensure your time on the road and around the fire is time well spent. Discover which Blue Sky Smokeless Portable Fire Pit will help you make the most of your days with friends and family.  

The Ridge, our most-loved portable fire pit, now has an even more compact and lightweight counterpart. The Pike Ultra Portable Fire Pit was created with the same smokeless design and portability in mind. There are a few things to consider when deciding which fire pit size is right for your outdoor adventures. Here's how our portables stack up.

1. Space

All Blue Sky portable smokeless fire pits are designed the same way, so that the ash catch stand nests neatly into the burn chamber and fits into a portable carrying bag when not in use. The Pike does have a smaller footprint with a 10" diameter, while the Ridge has a 15.76" diameter. If you travel frequently with lots of other equipment or have less trunk space, the Pike takes up less space and may be a better option for packing. It also does not need as much fuel as the Ridge, which is something to consider if you plan on packing your own firewood or wood pellets for your travels.

The Pike weighs under 5 pounds and the Ridge weighs under 15 pounds. Both portables are easy to carry with their included carrying bags, but the Pike is a more lightweight option for day backpacking and bringing to destinations that require more trekking on foot. 


2. Crowd 

For winding down on a summer evening to spend time around the fire, the size of the Ridge creates a more "campfire feel". The Ridge has a larger burn chamber and can create a larger, warmer fire, which makes it our pick for accommodating more people. It also requires less frequent fueling with a larger burn chamber. The Pike is an ideal size for one to two adventurers if you prefer a shorter fire or to do some light cooking. 

Both portable fire pits create a secondary burn with a smokeless flame for everyone to enjoy without being pestered by smoke. The efficient burn also creates a warmer fire than standard fire pits. 

3. Fuel

For a larger flame, the Ridge would be the best option. It requires less refueling and also has a longer burn time from when the fire pit is filled with fuel and started. The Ridge can burn larger pieces firewood and wood pellets, while smaller wood pieces, sticks, and wood pellets are most suitable for the Pike. If you plan to bring your own fuel, the Pike would be the easiest to travel with. It requires smaller pieces of fire fuel and less fuel overall. If you travel light and plan to finding and foraging for fuel along the way, both models are an option for you. 

4. Cooking

Our Smokeless Portable Fire Pits create an impressive flame and plenty of heat for all of your outdoor cooking and s'mores roasting, too! They can be used in combination with a grill grate and the Ridge can even hold a cast iron skillet on top for cooking meals on an open flame. Bring along your favorite outdoor camping tools, or even a set of our extendable roasting sticks for a unique smokeless cooking experience. The Ridge is best for cooking for more than 2 people, as it provides a larger surface area for cooking up more good campfire grub. 

5. Climate

Even if you live in an area with cooler nights or a colder fall climate, both the Ridge and Pike will provide ample heat. The Ridge will create a larger fire and warmer atmosphere for more than two people, while the Pike is best for keeping up to two people warm. If you are just looking for a little bit of fire glow to add to your outdoor ambience, the Pike will do the trick!


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