Five Steps to Safely Enjoy Your Blue Sky Fire Pit

October is the perfect time to invite friends and family to experience your Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pit with temperatures cooling down and Halloween approaching. Gather around the fire and exchange (scary) stories and food while extending your time outdoors.

Blue Sky is observing Fire Prevention Week (FPW), running October 9 through October 15. We specialize in creating the perfect fire pit experience, while promoting safety before, during and after your fire. 

We give you a step-by-step on how to safely enjoy your Blue Sky fire pit, whether you’re using your fire pit on your patio, while camping or on a hike.

Step 1 - Choose your location and consider the weather

Before starting your fire pit, there are important factors to consider: your location and weather conditions. 

Whether you’re relaxing on your patio with friends and family, on your annual fall camping trip in the woods or hiking the mountains with your furry companion, your fire pit should be used only outdoors and should not be used under any sort of overhead coverings. This includes, but is not limited to: pergolas, enclosed porches, low hanging branches, trellises, patio umbrellas and more. 

Additionally, fire pits should be at least ten feet away from any buildings or other flammable items.

Now that the fall season has officially begun, it is a great time to host a fire with friends and family to celebrate the cooler weather; however, it can also get windy during the fall. Avoid starting a fire on a windy day, as wind can carry sparks astray.

Be sure to consult the ordinances of your county, municipality, state or campground for regulations on open burning, as well as burn bans that are in effect. 

Great — you’ve now found the perfect (and safe) location to start setting up your fire pit!

Step 2 - Protect your surfaces and clear the surrounding area

 It’s now time to set up your fire pit. 

Before you start your fire, remember, our fire pits can reach up to 1,500 degrees! Be sure to place flat concrete pavers or concrete patio stones under your fire pit to avoid damage to your surface, especially for those using their fire pit on a concrete patio, concrete driveway or brick work. Take the same precautions while using it on asphalt or wooden decks.

Campers and hikers, make sure you’re using your portable fire pit on hard, level surfaces, such as gravel or sanded areas. Adhere to the same precautions above if using your fire pit on asphalt or concrete.

Once you’ve positioned your fire pit in a safe location, always clear your surroundings before starting the fire. If you’re at home, grab a rake from your shed or garage and clear away any stray leaves or brush. This also goes for starting a fire while out camping or hiking. Of course, you may not have a rake on hand, but ensure the area is clear before starting your fire.

If you’ve followed these guidelines, you’re ready to start your fire!

Step 3 - Light and Keep Watch

For the initial burn, a fire starter, seasoned hardwood and/or hardwood pellets are recommended. Never use lighter fluid, gasoline, alcohol or kerosene to light your fire. 

While the fire is burning, always use the spark screen. The spark screen will assist in reducing stray sparks and the risk of an unintended fire.

Moving your fire pit during a fire should not be attempted. Make sure it’s exactly where you want it before lighting the fire.

Whether you’re heading inside for more food or to warm up or cool down, don’t leave the fire unattended at any time. Ensure there is someone still sitting around the fire when you head inside.

Sit back, relax and enjoy sitting beside the warmth of a Blue Sky fire pit.

Step 4 - Maintaining the fire

As you enjoy your fire, you may notice your flame start to dwindle in size.

If you need to tend to your fire to keep a well-maintained flame going during your time outdoors, make sure you are not wearing flammable or loose clothing. 

Zip up those jackets, tie back that hair and wrap your scarf securely around your neck!

Your fire is now emitting the perfect amount of heat to continue enjoying for the rest of your time outdoors.

Step 5 - Putting out your fire and cleaning your pit

It’s now time to head inside for the day. But wait — you must make sure your fire is completely extinguished before heading inside. Dosing your fire pit with water may cause damage to your fire pit. You should let your fire burn out naturally and plan for this time as your night draws to an end. 

After your fire pit has cooled down, attend to inspecting and cleaning it before putting it away. This precaution also includes emptying the ash from your fire pit.

Once that’s done, grab a covering for your fire pit — this will protect it from the elements and prolong its life. You want your fire pit looking its best for your next gathering!

It’s been another great (and safe) time by your Blue Sky fire pit. Until next time!

For all safety reminders for Blue Sky fire pits, consult the Blue Sky Owner’s Manual. This can be found on any one of our fire pits’ pages on our website. 

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