Fire Pit Season is Every Season with Our Smokeless Patio Collection

Ahhh, the days of spring are finally here, and we’re soaking in the warmth of the season. The spring weather makes for the perfect time to spend outdoors with friends and family. Your outdoor patio furniture is set up, but there’s something missing: a Blue Sky Smokeless Patio Fire Pit.

At Blue Sky, we have various smokeless fire pits for your patio that you can relax in front of throughout the entire year. Fire pit season is any season when you have a Blue Sky smokeless fire pit!

The Peaks

The Peak Patio Fire Pit Collection has three smokeless fire pits to the collection. In fact, all three of the Peaks are different shapes: round, square and rectangle. You have the choice to choose which pit fits your backyard aesthetic the best.

Each Peak is smokeless and can comfortably fit 4+ people. Assembly is simple — as soon as you receive your Peak, you’re ready to use it that night. The Peak, Square Peak and Rectangle Peak are dual-fueled, which means you can use firewood and/or pellets to get your fire started.

Officially licensed NFL fire pits are also available in The Peak and Square Peak.

Cleanup is also simple with removable ash catches included for all three Peak fire pits. Which one will you choose?

The Mammoths

For those looking for larger smokeless fire pits for your outdoor area, our Mammoth Fire Pits are what you need. Available in round and square shape, 4-6+ people can sit around the fire and still feel the warmth that it omits. Plus, it’s smokeless!

Just like The Peaks, the Mammoths can use firewood and/or pellets for the best roaring fire and the assembly process is simple. The Square Mammoth and The Mammoth each have removable ash catches that provide you with an easy cleanup process. 

Officially licensed NFL fire pits are also available in the Square Mammoth.

The Mammoths are great for producing the ultimate heat in your backyard. Make The Mammoth the centerpiece to your backyard.

Patio Bundles are also available and are great for first-time smokeless fire pit owners. Get shopping this spring to outfit your backyard with a smokeless fire pit for nice nights ahead. Shop the Peak and Mammoth fire pits and find the one that will suit your backyard the best.

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