Fueling your High Efficiency Fire Pit

Trying to sit around a bonfire with smoke blowing your way can turn into a game of musical chairs. Our high efficiency fire pits are designed to eliminate smoke so you can stay in your spot and enjoy the fire without having to avoid the smoke. Our high efficiency fire pits create a secondary burn that infuses the fire with an extra boost of oxygen and improves the burn, vaporizing wood particles and minimizing smoke. The key to creating that smoke-eliminating secondary burn is in the materials you use to fuel your fire pit. 

When starting the fire, it is normal to see a little smoke before the secondary burn begins. You will begin to see the flames flowing through the top row of airflow holes at the top of the pit when the secondary burn takes action. All you need to do is load it up, light it up, and let it burn!

Loading the Pit

The Ridge, Peak, and Mammoth Fire Pits are all designed with a bottom grate that keeps hardwood pellets from falling through to the ash catch tray underneath, so you can use wood pellets, firewood, or a combination of both to fuel your fire! As for wood types, you want to ensure that your firewood has a low moisture content. Wood pellets burn at a high temperature and quickly ignite the secondary burn. We suggest using 2-3 inches of pellets in the pit to start. They are also a great supplement to firewood when used in combination. Well-seasoned hardwood is the best firewood option for eliminating smoke. Hardwoods also burn more slowly and efficiently. We recommend avoiding softwoods, such as pine, because the high moisture content can lead to a smokey burn. You should also never burn painted or treated wood, as it can be hazardous to do so. 

Lighting the Fire

Make sure your wood and kindling is not covering or peaking above the ring of airflow holes at the top of your fire pit. Blocking the holes and allowing the fuel to burn above the holes can create smoke and keep the secondary burn from occurring. If you are building the fire solely with firewood, using kindling such as small wood pieces, paper, and a natural fire starter should do the trick. To get a fire started with wood pellets, we suggest using a natural fire starter, such as fire starter made of hardwood and wax. Light your fire starter and let the rest of your fuel catch fire.

Tending the Fire 

Once the secondary burn begins, you can sit back and enjoy the warm and stunning smoke free flames. With firewood, you can continue adding logs and wood pieces throughout the burn. Wood pellets allow for 30-40 minutes of burn time with no maintenance. Once the fire begins to die down, you can start adding small amounts of pellets at a time to refuel, making sure that you do not stifle the existing flame with fresh pellets.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living smoke free fire pits burn at a very high temperature, so always use care when tending the fire or adding more wood. Follow our tips and you'll have a smoke free fire roaring in minutes! 


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