Upgrade Your Outdoor Area with a Gas Patio Heater

Springtime is (finally) here, which means longer days and more time spent outdoors on your patio or deck! It’s time to get your outdoor space ready — dust off the patio furniture, start potting your flowers and get ready for days and nights spent outside.

Upgrade your outdoor area and bask in the warmth with a Blue Sky Gas Patio Heater — available in three models. 

Choose from Blue Sky’s Three Patio Heaters

Springtime can get chilly, but with a Blue Sky gas patio heater, you don’t need to worry. With three gas patio heaters, you can choose one that goes best with the aesthetic of your patio. 


  1. Stainless Steel Gas Patio Heater 48,000 BTU: The warmth of this gas heater flows out 25 square feet, making it a great addition to keep you warm on chilly days and nights. In fact, the large top reflector provides an expansion of heat distribution. With wheels on the bottom of the heater, move it around your patio or deck with ease. More features of the Stainless Steel Gas Patio Heater can be found here.
  2. Hammered Bronze Gas Patio Heater 48,000 BTU: Likewise, this gas heater’s warmth also reaches 25 square feet of your outdoor space and has a large top reflector that provides better heat distribution. Move the heater around with ease with the attached wheels. More features of the Hammered Bronze Gas Patio Heater can be found here.
  3. 360° Pillar of Flame Gas Patio Heater 42,000 BTU: Heat up to 20 square feet of your outdoor space with this gas heater. A pillar of fire is contained in a heat resistant, extreme temperature glass tube, adding to the overall aesthetic of a night spent outside. The gas heater is made up of  black powder paint finish with a stainless steel reflector. Wheel it around your outdoor space freely. More features of the 360° Pillar of Flame Gas Patio Heater can be found here.

Your patio will be the best (and warmest) on the block with a Blue Sky gas patio heater. 

Keep Your Gas Patio Heater Protected


 Rain is unavoidable during the spring, so you want to ensure your gas patio heaters are staying in tip-top shape. Blue Sky offers a protective cover that is universal for the Stainless Steel and Hammer Bronze Gas Patio Heaters.

Also available is a protective cover for the Pillar of Flame Gas Patio Heater.

Don’t let the outside elements get the best of your gas patio heater this Spring! Cover it up and have it looking its best for many seasons to come.

Backyard, Restaurant…The Possibilities are Endless

Our gas patio heaters aren’t just made for your home’s patio or deck. In fact, a gas patio heater would be great to adorn your outdoor patio at your restaurant — guests can enjoy a delicious meal while keeping warm. But why stop at just restaurants? Our gas patio heaters can be utilized anywhere where there is outdoor seating, whether that be a coffee shop, a banquet hall or a hotel’s courtyard — the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, Blue Sky offers a variety of smokeless fire pits in portable and patio sizes. Also available are fire rings and accessories for the fire pits.

Furnish your outdoor area with a new Blue Sky gas patio heater and get ready for countless days and nights spent outside.

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