Get Grilling with Blue Sky This Summer

It’s time to get grilling! Summer is in full swing, and you’re probably going to want to show off your Blue Sky smokeless fire pit to your friends and family. Get the hot dogs, burgers and marshmallows ready for the summer days ahead and send out your invites. 

Blue Sky is here to assist you in getting your backyard ready for a barbeque! 

Get your outdoor area party-ready

Location, location, location! During the summer season, you spend a lot of time outside, especially out on your deck or patio. With the sun finally out after a long winter, you want to soak up as much time outside as possible. Barbecues are a summer staple. Plan where you want to set your fire pit, and be sure to place your concrete pavers underneath beforehand. 

Hang up the string lights, set up some folding chairs and get your Blue Sky fire pit ready for a day of food and conversation. Make sure you have ample firewood and pellets to add to your fire pit throughout the night!

Keep in mind while finding the perfect spot: Fire pits can be used on hard, level surfaces such as flat concrete pavers, concrete patio stones, or a gravel or sanded area. Do not use on asphalt, or directly on a wooden or composite wood deck. We recommend placing the fire pit on flat concrete pavers or concrete patio stones when used on a concrete patio, concrete driveway or brick work to avoid discoloration of a permanent structure.

Time to start cooking

Bring out the hotdogs and burgers…it’s time to start feeding your guests! Blue Sky offers a 24 in. Swing Away Grill that will fit whichever fire pit you have — it has an adjustable post that allows for different cooking heights. It also accommodates up to 22lbs of food.

Food is easily accessible to remove from the grill with the swing-arm that allows for rotation away from the fire. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your food sliding off, as the anti-roll off barrier prevents just that. All you do is stick the double spiked ground stake into the ground and you’re ready to get cooking!

Additionally, our Badlands Fire Pit Accessory Pack is a great option for barbequing. We recommend using the 29.5 in. Square Badlands Fire Pit. The sturdy and durable porcelain-coated material makes up the grate, which you can cook all your food items. The accessory pack also comes with a cover and poker — you’ll have everything at the ready.

Another option is our 36" Round Deer in Woods Fire Barrel, which comes with a swing away grill attached. The swing grill is adjustable and can rotate in and out for you to tend your food.

Use food grade pellets or fire wood to fuel your fire for cooking.

Sit back and enjoy!

The food has been served — it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy the party while your Blue Sky fire pit is fired up. And for later, break out the marshmallows for s’mores as the party progresses into the night. You can’t have a barbeque without the s’mores!

Our roasting sticks are great for roasting marshmallows with their  32” extension, which keeps you a safe distance from the fire.

It isn’t officially summer until the first barbeque of the season, so invite some friends over and get cooking! Explore all Blue Sky smokeless fire pits here.

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