Get to know The Mammoth Smokeless Patio Fire Pit

Are you looking for a fire pit that accommodates more than 4 people and will omit enough heat to keep you warm during the chilly nights? Are you known for your outdoor gatherings? 

The Mammoth is the largest smokeless fire pit in our collection. This thing is huge! It's meant for blazing fires for outdoor gatherings and large groups. Bring your bonfires to a whole new level. 

Learn more about The Mammoth below.


The Mammoth requires minimal assembly. After removing The Mammoth from the box, simply place the burn chamber on the ash catch tray. Weighing in at 91.5 lb, moving The Mammoth may require two people — it’s that big!

No need to get out your toolbox, as hardware and tools are not needed. 

With less assembly time, you have more time to enjoy your fire pit.

Fueling your Mammoth

It’s time to get your fire burning!

The Mammoth is dual-fuel, meaning you can use firewood and/or wood pellets to start your fire. The fire pit will take about 10-15 minutes to get hot enough to start generating flames and become smokeless. Your fire will stay ablaze for 25-35 minutes before you need to add more firewood and/or wood pellets to the fire.

After the fire has gone out and the fire pit has cooled down, dispose of the ashes.

Keep Your Mammoth Protected

Luckily for you, a protective cover is available for The Mammoth. Two handles on the side of the cover make for an easy way to remove and cover your fire pit. When not in use, the protective cover will help keep your fire pit safe from outside elements.

Of course, if you do not have a cover, we recommend keeping your fire pit in a shed, garage or someplace indoors. You’ll want your Mammoth looking its best for the next fire!

Perfect For Entertaining

Whether you have a large family or like to entertain guests, The Mammoth is the perfect option for you. Sit around the fire with four or more people while still feeling the heat The Mammoth produces. Don’t forget the Roasting Sticks for s’mores or other bonfire treats!

Shop for your very own Mammoth — your backyard gatherings are sure to be a hit.

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