Outdoor Kitchen Collection: Great for Hosting & Warm Weather

The scent of fresh air and growing flowers are in the air when you go outside. You know what that means: spring is almost here, and we can finally say goodbye to winter and days spent indoors. 

Throw on a light coat and start envisioning the perfect outdoor space in your home’s backyard. For us, that includes an outdoor kitchen where you can host your friends and family. Our Outdoor Kitchens are great for welcoming guests during the warmer weather. Prepare food, set out tasty dishes and have seating for your guests to hang out at. These aren’t your typical outdoor kitchens — let’s explore what all there is to offer for your outdoor space.

Cabinets that create a modern look

Choose from four cabinets to fit into your designated space. Each kitchen cabinet has a patented folding design that provides simple assembly. These innovative, weather-resistant cabinets will give your outdoor space a modern and sleek look. Each cabinet is constructed of slate-gray tempered glass exterior drawers and/or cabinets.

Want just one cabinet? Two? Three? Four? Our cabinets are designed to fit together no matter which cabinets you choose. Shop our combinations to pick which set up works best for you and upgrade your outdoor space. 

Durable tops for setting dishes upon

Complete your cabinets with a stainless steel countertop. (Countertops are sold separately from the cabinets.) The standard 26” countertop is available for all cabinets, including the sink countertop option. Countertops are also available in an extended 36” for all cabinet types — perfect for seating.

The countertops are constructed of food grade stainless steel that allows for convenient food prep and seating space. The brushed stainless steel is easy to clean after use.

Accessories for storing, organizing and personalizing

Clean up and organization is made easy with accessories for the cabinets. The medium pull out tray and large pull out trays allow for extra storage outdoors for non-perishable food, pots and pans, cleaning products and more. The drawers are constructed of galvanized steel and match the interior of the cabinets. 

Additional accessories include a pull out trash system for easy cleanup. The system holds two 5.5 gallon trash bins and keeps trash out of sight. No need to head inside to discard garbage! 

For those wanting to add another type of countertop, we recommend using granite, the adaptor collar allows you to do so. This gives you the ability to add your own flare to your outdoor kitchen.

Don’t forget the sink and faucet if you purchase the kitchen cabinet for the sink and faucet. Stay outside to sanitize and clean up! What are you waiting for? Start making your outdoor space a reality with our Outdoor Kitchen collection and get ready for the warmer seasons ahead.

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