Smokeless Fire Pit Accessories Galore

You’re enjoying your smokeless fire pit, but wait, you’re missing accessories! Every smokeless fire pit needs an accessory, and Blue Sky has various accessories to complete your fire pit set-up in your backyard.

Choose from a spark screen, a tabletop, roasting sticks and more. Once you have your accessories, then you’re set for a night by the fire!

Turn your fire pit into a conversation piece

Pull up a chair and set out some snacks. With a fire pit lid, you can convert your fire pit into a temporary tabletop to set your drinks, snacks and more on! 

Available in various fire pit sizes, this is a great addition that’ll turn your fire pit into the perfect conversational piece. No need to bring out a table from the garage or shed.

Keep sparks from flying

Keep those sparks at bay with a spark screen, available in domed or flat versions for your Blue Sky fire pit. Our spark screens ensure that the risk of unintended fires are reduced and keeps embers contained. 

Nobody likes embers flying out from the fire pit, which is why the spark screens are a great solution. The spark screens also come with a screen lift when it’s time to tend to the fire.

Protect your fire pit 

The summer weather can be extreme. That’s why you need to protect your fire pit from the Sun’s intense rays.

With our protective covers, you can ensure your fire pit stays in tip-top shape throughout the year, no matter the weather or season. Frigid temperature and snow? No problem. Intense humidity and 100 degree temperatures? We’ve got you covered.

Roasting Marshmallows, pour your favorite drink & more

What’s the best part about sitting around a fire? Making s’mores, obviously. Purchase a set of Roasting Sticks, which are expendable, and start roasting those marshmallows to perfection. For the chefs in the family, grill hot dogs or burgers over our Swing Away Grill.

However, that’s not all we have in terms of accessories. We even have accessories to store your firewood and much more. Explore all the smokeless fire pit accessories that we have to offer and be ready for your next outdoor get together.

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