Take an Adventure with Blue Sky This Summer

Long summer days are finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited about days spent outdoors. Whether that be camping, renting out a cabin or beachfront house, there are so many different opportunities to bring Blue Sky along for your summer adventures.

Our smokeless portable fire pits are the perfect accessories for your summer travels. Trust us, you’ll want one on the chillier nights ahead! 

The Ridge is the best travel companion

Before heading out to your summer destination, don’t leave home without your trusty travel companion, The Ridge. Once you get to your destination, kick back and relax, light your Ridge and let your vacation commence! Blue Sky is here to provide you with relaxing time spent outdoors.

Included with The Ridge is a carrying bag that provides the convenience of taking the fire pit wherever you go. Additionally, this fire pit nests together, making it so there’s more room to pack other necessities for your trip. 

For those sports fanatics on-the-go, we also have NFL and NHL officially branded portable fire pits. Show everyone on your travels your team spirit. 

The Ridge is also available with a spark screen and screen lift.

Add The Spark to your travels

You’ve booked the perfect cabin in the woods or a beachfront house. As you sit outside immersed in nature, add a Spark to the mix to provide warmth after a long day of exploring. Bonus: it doesn’t take up too much space in your car! This tabletop fire pit is exactly what you need.

What’s better than one Spark? Two Sparks! The Spark Bundle is ready to set one in the front and in the back of the house for all to enjoy while on vacation. It’s also smokeless, ensuring you don’t smell like smoke when you head back inside for the night. 

Add Accessories for Marshmallow Roasting

You can’t properly enjoy your fire pit without roasting some marshmallows. Bring our Roasting Sticks with you and savor the fluffy goodness. Our Swing Away Grill is also a great accessory to bring for your Ridge — roast some hot dogs or a snack of your choice while hanging out around the fire.

Feeling thirsty after a long day of exploring the area? Pour your favorite hot or cold drink in an insulated Blue Sky Tumbler.

Summer is the time for exploring different areas away from home. On the nights that get a little chilly, light up your portable Blue Sky smokeless fire pit. You’ll be cozy, and it’ll feel like home away from home.

Shop our portable collection and head out to your next great adventure! We’re excited to come along on the journey.

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