Introducing the Improved Peak Patio Fire Pit

The Peak Patio Fire Pit has been with us since the very beginning. As our original smokeless patio fire pit, it is a hallmark of our brand and one of our personal favorites! After countless nights of smokeless fire enjoyment, our most loved patio fire pit was due for some small improvements to give you the best smokeless fire pit experience possible. This spring, we introduced to you the Improved Peak Patio Fire Pit. While the Improved Peak has the same shape and appearance as the original, we have refined the design of this edition with a few hot features that allow it to burn even more efficiently, increase longevity and make cleanup easier as well.  

Over the years, we have also heard your thoughts and suggestions about our products. It is your feedback that allows us to develop quality products and continue improving as we grow. Due to the size and weight of our all-steel patio fire pits, some of our Blue Sky community had trouble removing the ash catch from underneath the fire pit when cleaning. It's incredibly important to ensure that our products are super easy for our customers to set up and use. So, we are excited to share that one of our biggest improvements is a new lift-out ash catch with handles, now accessible from the fire pit’s top. This new removable ash catch makes cleaning both quick and hassle-free. 

While we have several exciting improvements to share with you, we would also like to mention that the original Peak is not gone for good…yet. The original 24” Peak is still available for purchase in the Smokeless Fire Pit Bundle while supplies last. These bundles won’t be around for much longer, but if you’d like to order the original Peak, click here.

Learn about the improvements

Lift-out Ash Catch

The new lift-out ash catch is a feature that we first introduced with the Square Peak, and now we are bringing it to the round Peak. The ash catch has two handles and a detached grate to easily clean out any leftover ash once your fire pit has fully cooled. It is lightweight and lifts right out of the top of the fire pit. This feature allows you to clean your pit without having to move, lift, roll, shake, or turn it over.

Reinforced Grate

As steel heats up, it may expand and flex. Our very first edition of the Peak was designed with a stitch welded grate that allowed it to flex under significant amounts of heat without breaking. To further support this flexing, we increased the quantity and strength of our grate welds. In the new Peak, we have entirely redesigned the grate to be fully detached from the fire pit, eliminating any chance of broken welds. While steel can still flex under high temperatures, our new grate is strengthened with additional reinforcement that prevents permanent warping. These reinforcements also lift the wood in the pit and provide better air circulation to the fire, even as ash and embers collect in the bottom of the fire pit.

Extended Bezel

To direct heat into the fire and create a more efficient secondary burn at the top of the pit, we have extended the top bezel by 93%. This extended bezel helps direct airflow into the pit as fresh oxygenated air is drawn out of the top ring of airflow holes, promoting an even better smokeless burn.

Raised Burn Chamber

The burn chamber has been raised slightly to concentrate the heat inside the fire pit for a more efficient secondary burn. The burn chamber still has the same interior diameter as the 24” Peak, which does not limit fuel capacity. The new Peak can still fit standard length firewood and hold the same amount of logs.

Size and Weight

To make the fire pit easier to carry and move, the exterior diameter has been designed to be slightly smaller without impacting the size of the interior diameter. This and some of the other changes have made the Improved Peak over 10 pounds lighter, so you can move it around the patio or yard more easily if you choose to rearrange your outdoor space.

What stayed the same?

The Improved Peak still features the same sleek look and exterior design as the original Peak. It is also coated with our iconic high temperature-resistant finish in black to suit any outdoor space. This edition features Dual Fuel capabilities, meaning it can burn firewood, wood pellets, or a combination of both, just as our entire smokeless collection is suited to. The diameter of the burn chamber is the same, so you can still use standard length firewood in your fire. Lastly, it can produce a fire of the same size that the original Peak was capable of, and may even require less wood at a time due to the concentration of heat in the updated burn chamber.

Overall, the Improved Peak has the same character as the original we all know and love. It has been updated with a few new features and fine adjustments to create a top-of-the-line smokeless fire and make fire pit gatherings even easier to enjoy than ever before.