The Phoenix Has Landed: Smokeless Fire Pit Inserts

Introducing our newest addition to our smokeless collection: The Phoenix, our smokeless fire pit inserts. 🔥  

The inserts are available in square and round in two different sizes. Replace your current insert with our smokeless version — it’s a completely hassle-free installation process that leaves you with more time to enjoy your fire. The Phoenix Collection is perfect for DIYers or those wishing to revamp their space with a new and smokeless fire pit insert!

Explore all sizes and shapes to get started on creating the perfect smokeless oasis in your outdoor space. 

A Smokeless Ambiance with a Round Smokeless Insert

Do you have an existing round, brick surrounding and looking for a smokeless replacement? You’ve come to the right place! Available in 28 and 33 inches, our  round smokeless inserts can help you transform your outdoor space into a smokeless oasis in one simple step.

Simply drop the round insert into an existing brick/stone surrounding (or use it as a standalone fire pit) and you’re ready for a night by the fire. Or, if you’re looking to create a fire pit area from scratch, the round smokeless fire pit insert makes for a great addition to your space. Pick your bricks or stone, build the structure and then add one of the round inserts into the structure to finish.  

Add a Square Smokeless Insert to Your Space

For those who have an existing square fire pit area or want to build a space for a square insert structure, we also have square smokeless fire pit inserts available. The square inserts come in two different sizes, 28 and 36 inches.

Whether you’re revamping or in the planning stages of building your fire pit area, the square smokeless inserts are perfect options to add a smokeless element to your outdoor space. Also, there’s no need to spend hours assembling — just make sure you have brick or stone handy if you want to take your insert to the next level.

Not sure which size or shape is best for your space? Explore The Phoenix Collection and get started on transforming your outdoor area into a smokeless paradise. After all, spring is fire pit season! 

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