Top Five Places to Take your Portable Fire Pit

Summer is all about the warm days  and splendid adventures, but the dog days of summer are fast approaching. Make the most of what’s left of summer with more day trips and weekend excursions spent outdoors. Pack a Blue Sky smokeless portable fire pit for your travels and you’ll be on your way to summer days full of memories. Here are five spots to take a portable fire pit for your next adventure. 

Wherever you are headed, be sure to check for burn bans or local fire and ash regulations. Follow local guidance, always use caution and never leave your fire unattended.


1. The Beach

Beach bonfires are a timeless tradition, rooted in connection in one of the most relaxing settings imaginable. With the sun setting slowly over the horizon and the sound of the waves lapping the shore, what more could you wish for? Bring along a fire pit for easy set up and clean up. A lightweight and efficient portable fire pit is the best choice when setting up a fire at any of our beaches, parks, and protected lands. The goal with building a fire in any of these areas is to leave no trace. Luckily, Blue Sky Outdoor Living portable smokeless fire pits burn so efficiently that they produce minimal ash and keep the fire safely contained, so you can leave your spot just as you found it.

2. Camping

A camping trip is never complete without a fire, whether it’s for cooking, warmth, or ambience. Blue Sky smokeless portable fire pits are compact and easy to pack and transport with their collapsible design. You won’t have to worry about the lingering smell of smoke in your hair or on your clothes while you are roughing it in the wilderness either. Their efficient design eliminates smoke at the source, while still providing ample heat. Don’t forget to pack a set of extendable Roasting Sticks and s’mores makings for a late night snack. 

Be sure to follow local fire guidelines and bring along a spark screen if required. The Ridge can be purchased with a spark screen included, or if you already own a Blue Sky portable fire pit, you can order the spark screen and screen lift accessory separately. 

The Pike Ultra Portable is shown below.

Small Black Fire Pit Burning in front of AirStream Camper

3. Tailgating Party


Show your team spirit with your team logo on the side of your portable fire pit! Grilling at the tailgate is a tradition like no other. You can level up your tailgate spread with a flame grilled menu. Just pack some roasting sticks or a small grill grate to cook over the open flame and get the BBQ rolling. 

For cooler fall days spent homegating during football season, check out our collection of officially licensed NFL Portable Fire Pits to cheer on your team from the backyard. We also offer Smokeless NFL Patio Fire Pits and NFL Fire Rings for larger backyard gatherings.   

Buffalo Bills NFL Licensed Portable Fire Pit


4. Backyard Gathering

After a long day, it can be rewarding to spend some time unwinding outdoors. But, if your schedule doesn’t allow for a full-fledged bonfire night, you may want to opt for a smaller fire pit size for a quick fire pit gathering. The Ridge is a great option for burning a 30 minute fire without any refueling. If your woodpile is running low, it also requires far less firewood or wood pellets to light than a patio-sized fire pit while still producing an impressive flame. Bring out the snacks, play some tunes, and clear your mind with some time well spent around the fire. 

5. Day at the Park 

Spend the day grilling out at the park for a picnic or enjoying the fresh air with a smokeless fire. All Blue Sky portable fire pits include a convenient carrying bag with a shoulder strap to easily carry to your destination and pack away when you’re done. Blue Sky smokeless fire pits produce minimal ash and leftover embers, but always dispose of leftover wood ashes properly once the fire pit has fully cooled.

Portable fire pit nesting for storage

Once the fun is over and the fire pit has cooled, clean the ashes out, nest the 2 pieces together and store in your carrying bag. Tag your summer photos on our IG page for a chance to win a free set of roasting sticks. Winner will be picked and announced on September 1, 2022.