What is a Blue Sky Smokeless Fire Pit?

Do you want the warmth of a fire, but hate smelling like smoke? A smokeless fire pit can help solve this issue. How? Well let’s go back to the basics…

Wood-burning fires are formed from a combustion reaction between fuel, oxygen, and heat. When this formula is not controlled, the fire can produce smoke–a familiar nuisance for bonfire buffs all around. Although gas fire pits may have solved this problem long ago, nothing compares to gathering around a blazing fire and feeling the warmth of a true, wood-burning flame.

Blue Sky smokeless fire pits have been expertly designed to create the perfect combination of oxygen and heat needed to eliminate the smoke from your fire before it has the chance to hit your nose. Our fire pits generate enough heat to form a secondary burn that vaporizes smoke or stray embers. 

Watch this video to understand what makes our design work. You can also explore our entire collection of portable and patio fire pits here. 

What makes us Smokeless?

A wood-burning fire without any smoke may be something you’ve never heard of. There’s a bit of science to how our technology works. We’ll break it down to the three most important things to know.

  1. The double wall design. All of our fire pits have a double wall construction that acts as a chamber to guide air into the fire. Each fire pit has a row of airflow holes in the bottom of the fire pit and another at the top. When you first start your fire, air enters in through the bottom ring of holes to provide oxygen to the burn. You may see some smoke at this step while your fuel begins to catch fire.
  2.  The fire pit will begin to maximize heat for an incredibly efficient burn and blazing fire. As the temperature increases, the walls of the fire pit will also heat up, drawing fresh air through the outer walls of the pit and out of the top ring of holes. A secondary combustion will occur at the top of the fire pit when fresh oxygen meets the fire, burning off any excess smoke before it leaves the pit. You’ll know it’s working when you see flames streaming through the top row of airflow holes. Our fire pits burn at much higher temperatures than a traditional fire pit, which is the key to proper airflow.
  3. Fuel matters. What you put into your fire pit is what you’ll get out.  The quality and moisture content of the firewood you choose to burn will determine how smoke free your fire will be. We always recommend well-seasoned hardwood firewood with a low moisture content. Moisture or sap in your wood will keep your fuel from fully catching fire and create unwanted smoke.

    Blue Sky fire pits are also designed to handle dual-fuel - firewood and/or wood pellets. Our bottom grate is made with smaller holes that will keep wood pellets from falling into the ash catch below. All you need to get started is a natural firestarter, quality wood, and a lighter or match.

    Why go with Blue Sky?

    Aside from providing a smokeless experience, our fire pits have a few neat features that stand out.

    The secondary burn significantly reduces the amount of ash left over after your fire, but it is still important to clean out your fire pit from time to time. We made our pits with easy clean up in mind. Our patio fire pits have a removable ash catch that takes the hassle out of dumping leftover ash. Our portable fire pits have a separate burn chamber that rests on top of the ash catch that allows you to easily clean it out and nest the pieces together in its portable carrying bag when you're done. 

    Blue Sky smokeless fire pits feature a faceted design to complement any outdoor space and are powder coated with a high temperature resistant black finish.

    Over time, the finish of your fire pit may begin to patina from the high temperatures it will experience. While some people love how this makes their fire pit unique, you can opt to refresh it with a coat of high temperature spray paint from time to time to have it looking brand new.