Which Blue Sky fire pit suits your lifestyle?

Blue Sky offers a variety of fire pits, including different sizes, shapes, smokeless or standard fire pit options and more. For those always on-the-go, our portable options are the perfect size for you. For those looking to add a little warmth to their outdoor area in the backyard, our patio options is best suited for you. What fits your lifestyle might not fit your neighbor’s lifestyle, which is why Blue Sky offers various fire pit options! 

Explore which fire pit is the best choice for you. 

Portable Fire Pits

When you’re camping, hiking or RV-living, you want to minimize the items you pack, as you may be tight on space. However, nights can get chilly and sometimes you feel the call to roast marshmallows or hot dogs over a fire. This is where Blue Sky comes in.

Blue Sky offers two portable options: The Pike and The Ridge. Each fire pit comes with a carrying bag — making it simple to carry and store. The Pike is the smaller of the two, but both portable fire pits will provide you with the warmth you seek. 

Our portable fire pits are desirable for adventure seekers!

Patio Fire Pits

The season is here to get your patio looking its best to host friends or family (or just yourselves!). Center your outdoor furniture around a smokeless fire pit and enjoy days and nights spent outside. Turn up the music, put out some tasty snacks, light the fire and get the party started.

Choose between various sizes and shapes for your patio pit. Our newest and largest pits, the Square Mammoth and Rectangle Peak are perfect for those looking to fill a bigger spot on the patio. Fire pits, such as the Improved Peak and Square Peak are the standard patio size. 

No matter which style you choose, your outdoor space is going to be the hangout spot in your neighborhood.

Badlands/Fire Rings/Decorative Fire Pits

If you’re looking for a fire pit outside of our smokeless collection, we also have wood burning fire pits for purchase. Fans of the classic fire pit look will flock to these. With so many variations to choose from, you’ll have no problem deciding which is the perfect fit for you.

Those searching for a more rustic look may enjoy our Badlands fire pits – they also are available in NFL and Army branded options. Fire rings are for those who enjoy the “old school” way of creating a fire pit. Our fire rings, which come in NFL, NHL and Army branded, are also a wood burning option. Our fire rings are available in round, square and folding designs.

Don’t forget our decorative wood burning fire pits that will be sure to add flare to your patio. Choose between sizes and designs — there’s a style for everyone.

Blue Sky has an array of fire pits that will match anyone’s lifestyle! The season for fire pits is here — browse to shop the fire pit that makes sense for you. Which will you choose?

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