Which Smokeless Fire Pit is Your Significant Other’s Love Language?

February is the season of love. Cozy up to your loved one as you relax by a smokeless fire pit with a glass of wine (or any drink of your choice). Because we believe quality time well spent outdoors is the best time to spend together this season!

Forget about roses and chocolates to show your love to your significant other. There’s something even better for you to give them. Find out which Blue Sky smokeless fire pit speaks to your significant other’s love language.

The Square or the Peak

Hearts will be on fire this Valentine’s Day with The Square Peak or The Peak. This is for the significant other that enjoys warmth, but warmth that isn’t overbearing. Our Peaks are also for those who enjoy a centerpiece in their outdoor area to surround with chairs for friends and family to sit around. Imagine how perfect a Peak would look in your outdoor space!

The Peaks have the power to make you fall even more in love with your significant other.

The Ridge

Photo by fuelforthesole

(Photo by fuelforthesole)

Little gestures of love can go a long way — no matter the season. That’s what makes The Ridge so special! This portable smokeless fire pit is for those who have adventure in their heart. The open air calls to them, and when they need to warm up, The Ridge provides them with the heat. 

And it’s true when they say two is better than one. Our Ridge Bundle is for those who want to share the warmth. Keep one for yourself and give the other to the person you love so they can enjoy it, too!

The Mammoth

(Photo by thestyledporch)

The Mammoth is for those who love spoiling their significant other with big things that will make them swoon. It’s also great for those whose significant other is always cold, as the large design means it omits enough heat to keep warm during the chilly nights. They’ll be impressed by the lift-out ash catch and wider bezel that promotes a more efficient smokeless burn. 

Nothing says love quite like The Mammoth!

February is a great time to tell your significant other that you love them with Blue Sky. Shop our full smokeless collection to share the love.

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