Smoke Free Patio Fire Pits


      The Blue Sky Smoke Free Fire Pits are just what you need to enhance your patio. 

      • No tools needed for a set up that was designed for ease.  
      • The advanced burn chamber is structured to eliminate the amount of smoke or embers in a fire. 
      • Painted with a high temperature seal to keep the fire pit from rusting and topped with a black-powdered coated finish to give it a sleek look. 

      31 products

      31 products


      • HANDINESS – The ash catch tray collects the ash for a no hassle clean up and little to no debris. 
      • CUTTING EDGE DESIGN – New patent pending design promotes a superior smokeless burn that achieves up to 1,400°F (760°C), which produces significantly less smoke and embers. 
      • DYNAMIC BUILD– The heavy-duty steel double-wall construction creates a secondary burn that significantly reduces embers and smoke. The paint not only protects the fire pit, but also withstands high temperatures that can reach up to 1,400°F. The black powder finish assists in the smoke free fire pit lasting a lifetime and gives it a smooth finish. This new state-of-the-art structure has an increased amount of sturdy and strong welds to strengthen the fire pits grate.  
      • DOUBLE FUEL– Burn firewood and/or wood pellets to produce a significant amount of heat for your fires. 

      Three year limited warranty. 

      With the amazing features of Blue Sky Smoke Free Patio Fire Pits, like pain-free assembly to eliminating smoke, what more could you ask for?