Smokeless Pit


      Blue Sky’s Smokeless Fire Pit is where it’s at! It is built with innovative technology and has an amazingly durable structure to withstand any weather conditions. 

      • Little rusting overtime due to the heat resistant paint and black powder coating finish.  
      • This smokeless pit produces little to no smoke due to the innovative burn chambers.
      • Assembly is a breeze with no tools required and three effortless steps.  
      • Smokeless fire pits are portable and can travel anywhere easily with the free carrying bag included in your purchase. 

      7 products

      7 products


      • BEST IN CLASS DESIGN – The premium design achieves efficient burns for all fires. The chamber allows increased oxygen flow to produce little to no smoke and embers while reaching elevated temperatures of up to 1,400°F. 
      • TOUGH BUILD – Smokeless fire pits were designed to simply be as efficient as possible. The steel build has double walls and substantial welds for a dynamic foundation. Click here for additional information What to expect  
      • FLEXIBLE FUEL – Traditional firewood pieces and/or wood pellets are used to generate heat in this smokeless pit. These fuel sources can be found at almost any hardware store location. 
      • UNMATCHED DESIGN – This firm design has an ash tray at the bottom that collects ash from the fires which makes for easy, convenient clean up. The burn chamber is easily accessible for a quick cleaning after each bonfire. The included travel bag allows for easy transportation to any destination.  

      Three year limited warranty. 

      You will have ease of mind knowing that Blue Sky crafts their smokeless pits with the most innovative design and best safety features.