Keep Cozy this Winter

Watching the snow fall as you sip a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa officially means that winter has made its yearly appearance. On top of the snow are frigid temperatures that make you long for warmer days, but fear not, you can still keep cozy this season!

At Blue Sky, our products are meant to keep you nice and warm — no matter the season. Come along with us as we explore all the cozy options that you’ll need this winter to ward off the cold.

Smokeless Fire Pits for a Trendy Upgrade

Go smokeless in 2024 while optimizing your warmth in your outdoor space. Our smokeless fire pits, available in patio and portable sizes, are great for warming up during the cooler weather. Choose from a square or round shape for your space and make it a permanent winter accessory in your backyard. 

For NHL or NFL fans who want to keep warm during the hockey and football season, we have officially licensed NHL and NFL portable and patio fire pits in your favorite teams. Time to cheer on your team in style!

Gas Patio Heaters - A Stylish and Efficient Heating Source 

Accompany your smokeless fire pit with a gas patio heater. Not only would this look amazing in your space, but it also will provide you with the heat you’re looking for. We recommend shopping gas patio heaters in pairs to complete the look! Available in bronze or stainless steel and a 360 degree option.

Our gas patio heaters operate on propane or butane.

Wood-Burning Fire Pits for Rustic Charm

For those who don't quite mind the smoke and love the smell of burning wood, look no further than our wood-burning fire pit collection. There’s so many unique designs for everybody’s taste that it makes choosing difficult. Plus, it’ll elevate your outdoor space to the next level while keeping you nice and toasty. It’s a win-win!

Staying warm is our thing — that’s why our products are here for you during any kind of weather, especially the colder weather. We’re all about staying warm and cozy! Choose your own source of warmth this winter.

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